Volunteer Trainers

Thank you for volunteering your training services to Daughters Of Tomorrow.

We offer skills training, support and bridging programmes for sustained livelihoods to women who need them. Most of our beneficiaries come from low-income households and stay in some of the most difficult neighbourhoods in Singapore.

Here are some steps for you to understand the context of their lives before volunteering meaningfully as a trainer:

  1. Watch these videos
    (a) Through their eyes
    (b) Aunty with a Cause
    (c) Single mom in complicated neighbourhood

  2. Try this online simulation: “If It Were Me
  3. Read our newsletters
    May 2017
    April 2017
  4. Attend at least one of our current training sessions and find out more

We would like you to know as much as possible about our beneficiaries, their aspirations, challenges and strengths so that your time spent volunteering and engaging with us can be meaningful and effective.

Before becoming a trainer to DOT Women, you can opt to be a Befriender first to have a personal experience of working with them.

If you are ready to move towards a trainer role, please write to Zubee@DaughtersOfTomorrow.org to co-create an effective training program.

We thank you for your interest.